February 14

I’m NOT Diabetic. I Wore a CGM. Here’s What I Learned about My Blood Sugar


Thanks to Levels for sponsoring this video. To get started, go to and get 2 additional months free on the annual Levels membership.

CGM stands for, continuous glucose monitor, and that is exactly what this little device from Levels does when you stick it on your skin. It continually monitors your glucose (or sugar) level.

If you have diabetes, you may already be in love with CGMs because they replace the finger pricks that used to be required to track your blood sugar at home. If you're not diabetic, like me, a CGM can teach you so much about how your unique body is handling your lifestyle choices and the foods you eat. No more guesswork, lots of fun revelations. Let's go over what I learned and how Levels is making it possible for everyone, including you, to get one.

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    • You should be able to get one that is covered by insurance. Levels is ridiculously expensive because it is intended for people who don’t have diabetes and can’t get one prescribed by their doctor. Your number one priority should be to not be diabetic as soon as possible.

  • I’ve been using Levels CGM for almost a year. I have learned so much about my body. Thanks for all your help and information.

  • I checked it out briefly at the link provided. I don’t like the idea of paying $17.00 a month (199.00 a year) to RENT software. Most apps on mobile are free, and if you don’t want ads (and other benefits) the total cost to have is minimal, at like $5.00. (i.e. NO monthly fee, even to get updates). i didn’t see a “buy” option. Most medical devices (like glucose monitors) can be purchased on Amazon for under $50.00. This Levels product seems good… buy WAY overpriced. Just my opinion.

  • I went to their site and the first thing it demands is personal information.
    That is the end of our interaction. I want full details of the product before they get my details

  • Do you have to have a certain kind of cell phone or plan? Thanks Dr. Becky Jennifer 🦋😃 So this isn’t used with cell phone sorry.

  • Levels have an awful website. I couldn’t find any product details. I put in a false email which it accepted and still got no product details. I’m off somewhere else

  • While their device ($199) is cheaper than some other compatible options, the fact that you have to pay an additional $199 just to use the software makes it more expensive than competitors. Hopefully in the future these will be much more affordable and available over the counter.

  • Getting a new dog does that mean you’re sweet puppy for so many years passed away if it is I am so so sorry happy that you could jump in and get you another please please tell us the name!!!

  • Really love your videos. I’ve been in ketosis for over 2 years and enjoying many benefits, including fasting with very little discomfort. NEVER had DM; A1C has always been quite good.

    I was ASTOUNDED recently when I had surgery and learned preop that my liver was pumping out glucose under that stress – at 159. Nurse told me I should probably chat with my PCP about looking into DM. Struck my tickle-bone, that one.

    We did to A1C after that and, not to anyone’s surprise, it was perfectly normal. Fascinating what the brain tells our bodies to do.

  • Think a CGM is useful if you’re serious about your health and plan to use if for a set period of time to gather information. I used a different brand in the UK, much more expensive on a monthly basis and did it for an 8 week period. Confirmed caffeine sends my blood sugar skyward and then crashes. I learned that I sometimes go hypoglycaemic overnight and that I didn’t know, it tied in with nights when I was restless and felt awful. Also when I felt I needed a snack before bed. So those times i didn’t deny myself and made sure i had something long lasting. I can’t exercise because of structural issues and M.E. so rely on common sense eating. Already knew through home blood testing that my HbA1c test was great and stable across 2 yrs. have a look and see what other CGMs might be available to you.

  • 😖 Sticking the finger has never sounded good to me! Soooo very glad you have brought an alternative to our attention! I appreciate all your videos & wish you & your husband shalom!

  • I was told on a couple of occasions I am a pre diabetic. When I inquired about an RX for a CGM I was told only medicated diabetics could get them.
    I’d like to use one to watch my glucose levels, which range from 113 to 132 fasting.
    How did you manage to get one?

  • Thanks for making a video on this particular trend that is going on right now, Dr. Becky. I’ve been thinking about it for months (trying to decide if I should get it and if so, which brand) and watching you promote it was what I needed to finally do it☺️

  • It’s a subscription service only? I guess for every positive technological advancement, there is a negative one that completely negates it.

  • Thank you. I have just been told I have type 2. At the moment just trying to change my eating habits. Getting background information

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