May 18

How to STOP OBSESSING over your weight


Tap into the complete certainty that your goal is coming to you, like we do in the Get Your GOAL group:


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  • I love this message Pahla!
    My mom is 84 years old and she’s a size 2, she’s always been very slender and fit. I love her and admire her very much.
    I do not have the same body type that she has. I’ve always been curvier. Lately, I’m noticing that she says a lot of things like “Once you go through menopause you can’t lose weight, well, you can…. but it’s really hard” and “once you’re 60, you definitely can’t lose weight”. I’m trying to tell her that “women can lose weight if they follow Pahla’s 5-Oh plan!” She’s not trying to lose weight, it’s just her beliefs coming out when I’m talking about my weight loss journey. I’m realizing that I tend to take what she says as truth & believe/adopt those ideas without really thinking about it. I am starting to really notice these comments & make a choice to reject the ideas – so they’re not mine. ❤

  • I’m in my 20s and I’ve been doing your workouts. I have never been fit fit. I’ve been overweight but not quite obese and right now I want to take action of my health.i see things that I want to achieve And feel capable of doing. And I hope you keep a positive channel that helps other

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