January 31

How to know if you’re exercising TOO MUCH


Look at your results over time, including your energy level for other pursuits.


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    • Most of her stuff is free, but this is still her job. She deserves to get paid. If you want more personal attention, you have to pay. My old personal trainer at the gym was they same price, and she didn’t include all the advice/life coaching that Pahla B offers. If it’s worth it to you, you’ll pay. If not, you can continue to view her FREE videos.

    • I and a few of my girlfriends have done some research on life coaching support and found a few programs that were less expensive. Also, a few services had life coach’s with higher education degrees (masters-doctorate). It’s good to know that there are other similar services out there that are less expensive. I have an appointment in 2 days 😊

  • Moderate exercise can be walking, water aerobics, riding a bike,swimming laps, yoga.
    It just depends on your physical ability.

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