March 5

How to burn BELLY FAT


There is no such thing as reducing fat from one part of your body, so focus on burning ALL fat, by doing the five daily tasks of The 5-0 Method:


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Exercise for Menopause Weight Loss

Exercise for Menopause Weight Loss
  • I’ve been doing your 50 plan since Jan 20, 2023 & I notice my body is going down in inches the same rate for chest, waist & hips so it evenly just coming off. -2” each area. I think we have a certain shape that we just have, like I’m not an hourglass figure & I never have been & no diet or exercise is going to change it. I’m just a rectangle. 😅😂But for many years I tried to achieve an hourglass shape & nothing worked & I was always disappointed at my body. Probably the hardest thing for me is learning to love MY BODY.
    Thank you Pahla! I love your messages! Your program & videos are making a huge difference for me. ❤💗❤️

    • You seem to just be a comedy channel that is trolling. I don’t see anything on your page that says you’re a health & fitness expert. Maybe you should read the 5-Oh method first. And maybe also realize that you aren’t the target audience (menopausal women).

  • So true! Trying to force things has led to short-term change at times but nothing lasting for me. Paying attention to Pahla’s shorts and working with myself has relieved a lot of the feelings of stress, and that alone has been a great achievement. Long-term change will come with a gentle, consistent approach. Slow and steady. Yeah!😊

  • I love your mentally healthy approach so so so much! We have been passing your videos around in this women’s group I’m in :))

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