October 14

How to BANISH Menopausal BELLY FAT Forever!


Wanna talk about getting rid of MENOPAUSAL BELLY FAT⌛ and keeping it off forever? If so, you’ve hit the information jackpot🎰 today!

In today’s short video, I’m sharing four practical tips for addressing this common issue. These are things you can start doing RIGHT NOW⏱️!

Plus, I’ve got a couple of truth bombs💣 about the habits you might have that are CAUSING your belly fat😮!

Pop in to this seven-minute video📹 now and find out how to make belly fat challenges a thing of the past – let’s GO!

Get FLAT ABS without crunches! ❌ Beginner-Friendly, Standing CORE STRENGTH

Everything You NEED TO KNOW about WEIGHT LOSS at 50 and Beyond:

How Doing CARDIO Made Me GAIN WEIGHT (story time!):

30 Minute STRESS RELIEF Stretching + Mobility Workout for Women over 50:

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❤ Pahla B – your BEST fitness friend! ❤


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  • Thank you for repeating your information in many places so that I finally get it 🙂 Journaling definitely is an eye opener for me about my stress. Many things stress me which I had NO idea that they did. I appreciate having you as a friend for this journey I have started alomost 20 months ago now. Many people have noticed changes in me both physically and mentally.

  • Thank you, Pahla! This was sooo good! 💗 The stress/mental stuff is the hardest for me—the hardest to unpack and get rid of, bur gotta keep chipping away at it. I feel I’m doing all the rest “right”, but the stress/mind management is the toughest piece of the puzzle! 😕

  • You told me exactly what I needed to hear. This video is me to nth degree! I am 55 and have am enormous amount of stress in my life. The stress stems from family and their choices. This is most difficult to put in perspective. Menopause has changed everything. It’s like I woke up one day with 10 pounds of belly fat.

    • Oops, lol juggling with my phone. As I saying, I journal now but only when someone caused a hulk reaction. Honestly I’m afraid to write about how I feel every day because I am afraid of what is lurking after all these decades. Listening to your words helped me think about journaling differently. The way I write in it now isn’t necessarily good. I am going to try writing every day (time!). I am going to listen to this video a few more times to absorb your wise words and attempt to change my 55 year old cemented mind set relating to stress management. Thank you Pahla.

    • Same here. I stress a lot about my family and their poor choices. I try to not worry and think about it because I don’t have control of that. But sometimes I feel guilty when I put that aside to not feel stressed. Sigh.. working on this…

  • Bless you, Pahla. I’m just shy of 48 but have been in early menopause since 35!! The belly happened this year along with a bunch of other stress weight gain and I feel like you and your videos are my new best friend. Thank you x 100!

    • Same same … Except I am 48 and have been going crazy for over 6 yrs. The past year and a half I packed on 30+ pounds. Lovely flappy belly muffin top that won’t stay in my underwear. It has to flop over the waist band and let me know it’s still very much there.

  • This was an eye opener for me! Like you mentioned, I was wondering where this all-of-a-sudden belly fat came from. Actually, I really didn’t think it was belly fat (not sure what I thought it was…) but I am now facing reality that it is. After watching this very helpful video, I feel the cause is stress. Definitely something I need to work on, more than I have been. Thanks Pahla!

  • Thanks for this video. I’m 54. A year ago I started eating healthy and exercising. I’ve lost 75 lbs. Everyone keeps telling me how difficult it is for over-50 women to lose weight. Not that hard honestly! I’m slim everywhere but my stomach! 🙄

    • @C This was years ago & I don’t remember exactly. I just remember noticing one day with amazement how flat my stomach was. Milk contains lactose, which is a sugar, & it kept me bloated. I need to go off dairy again!

    • Just get liposuction. At our age we deserve help from surgery . Especially if we already eat correctly . I am in the same boat with you . Belly fat and some arm fat . My life was to stressful with a toxic mother . Glad I found a man who can take care of me now

  • I love your advice, you’re more realistic than others I follow in yt. Thank you. Now I have something I can share to my friends who’s going through the same concern as me “ the belly fats of menopause “

  • Going through menopause at 41. I’m over the extra pounds! The belly fat just appeared one day. I love that more are talking about menopause and how to combat over it!

  • This is so validating for me as I was always thin and trim until menopause hit at 49 and then the weight gain came in the midsection. I agree about the stress levels. I truly believe that mental health is health.

  • I think you might have just identified my cause of belly fat: STRESS. I eat well and exercise regularly, and I am overall happy with my weight and proportion, except my belly. Listening to you makes me realize that chronic stress might be what is sabotaging my waist line.
    Tip to self, work on ya mental-stress level.

  • I love this video, thank you!! I think this is happening to me prior to menopause. When I hit 39, I started having trouble with muscle recovery. I’m probably working out too hard and feeling stressed. 😣 I will definitely check out more of your videos! You seem so lovely.

  • Pahla, your thoughts about stress really resonated with me. When I left a toxic relationship, I dropped 25+ pounds without even realizing it. Looking back, the stress packed on the pounds.

  • I just stumbled upon your channel, as it came into my feed. I do believe for a good reason. I have been struggling badly with belly fat for the past 2-3 yrs since being in menopause about 6yrs ago at age 50yrs….(I’m now 56yrs). Im technically post menopausal, but still have some symptoms. I try to exercise everyday, despite having low energy, but the belly fat is stubbornly staying, which is very depressing for me, to say the least. So much so…..that I don’t want to look at my body in the mirror at all now! It’s so disheartening when you try and try to lose the weight, and literally see no change at all. More so, because I’ve always been slim my whole life, and flexible and energetic. Then…..literally, the weight stacked on almost overnight, it seems. I feel like a completely different person….like my body has been hijacked, and another fatter body has been put in its place! Very depressing. You really explained things well in this video….and I now understand how much stress has played a part in my menopausal journey. I had a few deaths in my family, at the same time my menopause started, then lost my home shortly after a legal battle. This is when my anxiety really flared up…..and my mental state became a challenge. I have had constant bouts of insomnia since menopause started….and still deal with that issue today. I believe the cortisol levels in my system have kept my body at a constant state of stress, which has, in turn, told my body to store fat, and wreck havoc with my bodys natural rythmn. I am really grateful for your no nonsense approach to this issue, as often Doctors can either dismiss our feelings, or over complicate it with medical jargon, and make us feel more overwhelmed and depressed. So…..I look forward now to watching your videos, and getting some good, solid, useful, information to help me on my continuing journey. Thankyou.

  • I’m sure you’re right. What a relief to hear what you said about stress. No one can speak honestly about what postmenopausal women REALLY experience who are not postmenopausal women, themselves. Thank you so much. 💕

  • I just sub to you! Been super depressed. In my younger years I’ve been fit and thin with a high metabolism. Now, I am the complete opposite. I am 52, post menopausal, gained a lot of weight, more food intolerances, especially dairy, I don’t eat much but gaining weight. Yes, I’ve been extremely stressed lately and eating whatever on the go. Too busy to cook. Glad I found you. My biggest stress today is that I don’t have any savings left for retirement due to unfortunate circumstances. I am worried about my future, worried about my grown children, and grandchildren.

    • Dont give up!!
      My wife was suffering from depression and was also so stressed before that period.
      She had many allergic reaction out of the blue, lost her hearing on one side and going through menopause , gained so much weight! But Therefore I as a man react now and encourage you and all other ladies there not to give up!! Why?? Because it is worth it to keep living and try New thi gsm and ideas that will finally help you out!
      My wife decide to proclaim in faith that she is beautiful and fit and healthy and fatfree and suddenly after months of proclamation , she got the energy to start over and in her own pace and time she lost 50 kg in 9 months this year !! She says she still needs to continue to be fit and healthy and she is doing many excercises on her own tempo and also doing Paula B her excercises, she is eating frequently now, and many of her problems are gradually dissapearing.
      I also as a man of 51 + age do Paula B her excercises!
      Dont give up!!💐💐💐

    • Same here. I was depressed and at wit’s end as to how to eat any less, lose belly fat, and have enough energy to do anything.

  • This is excellent. My spouse and I have been using your 20 minute seated cardio (degenerative discs) for two weeks and love it. Suddenly today, I said, I’m really anxious for some reason. I’m going to look for a seated cardio video that emphasizes mindfulness (lol – Google search results weren’t quite that specific) and this is the video I ended up watching.

    It is inspirational. You have genuine empathy and warmth and are clearly very intelligent & knowledgeable. You are an excellent educator, too. I am also an educator, and I’m so impressed with those who can make me excited about what they’re teaching me. You have accomplished that. You are also very likeable.

    I feel positive and hopeful that I can lose stress then weight by following these simple and obviously valid steps. Thank you!

  • Now I can stop feeling like I’m just being a slug because I’m using less weight during my workouts!! Thank you. Apparently my body was telling me something. While it seemed counter-intuitive, you helped me to understand why it’s actually the right thing to do. Just subscribed 👍

  • Finally! Nice to hear some truths about our aging bodies! The points about stress/hormonal changes was a key I needed. I’d become frustrated because the extra padding just seems to stay there and none of my old exercise/eating routines seemed to make a difference. Aha! Destressing will be added to the regimen and plus, thanks for the solid reminder that weight reduction occurs all over. Now, if I could just find the perfect hair style so I can stop stressing about “Do I go short or do I stay long and what do I do with these hot mess curls that never project “cool, calm, collected” but seem to scream “I am one hot mess!!!”. LOL

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