May 13

Hate drinking water? Try THIS.


"What if" questions can open your mind to new possibilities!


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  • I guess I cheat a bit on that one. I mix 0 calorie no sugar lemonade with Shasta club soda & add filtered water & ice. I can easily drink 10-11 cups a day like that! 😅😂

  • Having trouble like water i got you. Here’s how you fix it. Go hiking for 2 weeks. Don’t bring any sugar packets, drink mix, nothing. By day 3, you will think water is the greatest thing on earth.

  • I love drinking water. I appreciate a nice glass of ice cold water. but hate getting up to pee a million times at night.

  • I don’t dislike drinking water….. I just don’t drink! It’s weird as I don’t feel thirsty till it’s to late, then I just feel ill.
    My husband is the one who reminds me to drink.

  • What has upped my game, after getting used to unflavored water, is drinking a full bottle right when I wake up before my coffee. I’m a whole bottle ahead just doing this, and I find I drink more thru the day too.

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