January 30

Functional Strength Training Workout for Beginners & Seniors // Full Body Calisthenics


Thanks for joining me for this full body strength workout using just our body weight. This 30 minute calisthenics workout is for anyone who wants to start calisthenics training at an achievable rate. All moves are low impact and geared towards beginners and seniors, though someone who is more advanced can easily modify the moves to make it more challenging.
There are a few moves that require some balance. I recommend having a chair or wall nearby if you struggle with your balance.

We begin with a warm up to make sure our muscles are activated and to prevent injury. Following the warmup, exercises for the abs, glutes, and thighs will be performed in a standing position. We then move to the floor to exercise our back and more butt, abs and legs! The workout is finished with stretches for flexibility and to reduce soreness. You will feel great!

This workout includes lunges and squats as well as the hands and knees body position. If these are sensitive areas for you (bad knees and wrists) I suggest this workout instead:

This is one of my favorites and is mostly body weight performed all standing.

Thanks for working out with me! How did you like this video? Let me know in the comments!

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