January 14

Foods That Make You Sick & Fat: Flour #shorts


"Flour is made by grinding down different plants. The white flour that we are most familiar with is made by grinding grains. But flour can also be made from other plant foods like almonds and coconut, giving us almond flour and coconut flour.

Regardless of its origin, once the plant has been processed, the result is a starchy refined powder that looks nothing like the original plant.

With that in mind,…"

Excerpt From – The Elimination Trifecta – 3 Foods That Make You Sick & Fat:


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  • I think foods made w almond flour or coconut is FINE if you’re maintaining your weight. But when you’re trying to lose, it haults weightloss. I personally learned that.

    • @parris05Β  unfortunately just avoid flours altogether even if it’s keto friendly. Stick with whole foods, such as meat, cheeses, fruits, veggies, etc; when I was borderline underweight/normal, I could eat lots of homemade keto desserts, etc; I gained weight after I had my 2nd child so I went back to keto. My weight stood still when I was making homemade keto pizzas, fathead breads, etc; my advice is stick w whole foods until you reach desired weight. Then once you’re at a good weight, you will not gain weight from fathead breads. But for weightloss it won’t help you. I know it sounds plain and boring but unfortunately, it is what it is til you meet your goal.

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