January 1

Exercise DOESN’T make you lose weight? WHAT?!? 😲


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  • I am very much enjoying your daily messages. I lost 115 lb 12 years ago on WW and have kept it off except for 10 pounds I put on over the past 2 years due to various life events and I’m getting back into it. I’m a senior and I found that during these past 12 years exercise has kept me toned. I used to be crazed about having to get in 10,000 steps a day but I now take it easy do my moderate exercise watch what I eat be kind to myself love myself make sure I don’t overindulge eat healthy and I’m very mindful. And I love your messages so thank you.❤ sending hugs blessings and wishing you and yours a happy healthy New Year.

  • Love that you are honest here! It’s really all about getting your body to move and burn calories and eating less or healthy foods without the extra sauces. Calories in Vs out is the only way!

  • What has worked for me is tracking my calories eaten as best as I can and then burning at least 500 calories more than I’ve eaten. I track the calorie burn with my Fitbit. So yeah, exercise including walking has indeed helped me loose weight.

  • Did you say “slight carb deficit”? Ooh, that’s good news. We don’t have to exercise to lose weight? Even better! No wonder God says “for bodily training is just slightly beneficial, but godliness is beneficial for all things, since it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”
    1 Timothy 4:8

  • Well damn… I love food. I guess I’m fucked 😢and I have been killing my arthritis in my feet and my bone spurs for nothing at all. Well that really sucks.

  • Thank you for this! It is confirmation of the old adage that weight loss begins in the kitchen. I like exercising and I like to eat too. I will just need to watch what I eat and how much of it😀😀

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