March 28

Exercise after Covid 19 Recovery | Return to Exercise after Illness


Exercise after Covid 19 recovery or other illness should be gentle and gradual. Your body is coming out of a weakened state and your return to exercise after illness will take time. Check with your health care provider on the best way for you to recover. Take it slow by trying out gentle movement with this exercise after Covid 19, a short yes2next walking workout, or a gentle stroll outdoors. Listen to your body and stop when you feel tired. This is not a race – recovery takes time and it’s ok to give yourself some grace. If you can only move a minute, that’s fine. Try again tomorrow and see how you feel. Build up your exercise time gradually and slowly with your workout after Covid. As you get stronger, you will build up your exercise time gradually and slowly.

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Gentle Walk

We wish you a speedy recovery and good health! We’re so happy to help you regain your strength!

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  • First, I am SO happy that both of you came through after COVID. Although I haven’t contracted COVID to date (I’m what you’d call a “forever masker”–no guarantees) I took this routine and ran with it as if it was a cardio exercise and ramped everything up, adding embellishments to make my heart work harder. New routines excite me, and this one did its job. Lovely banter between you two. Thank you, as always, for coming up with another very worthy angle..Anastasia

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