February 7

Does MUSCLE weigh more than FAT?


No, it doesn't. But here's how to change your body composition over 50: www.getyourgoal.com


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  • What they mean is that a pound of fat takes up more volume than a pound of muscle. If I lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle, the scale doesn’t know the difference, but my eyes do, and so do my jeans!

  • This is absolutely true. I used to do WW and had a leader that held up visual aides when talking about a pound of muscle vs a pound of fat. She said a pound is a pound. It’s the density or space taken up. She held up a Coke can and said this represents a pound of muscle. Then she held up a 2-Liter and said this represented a pound of fat. On a scale they would weigh the same. The visual really stuck with me. What you are sharing in this short is really on point. Thanks, PahlaB.

    • At first I thought you meant a full can and a full bottle, and I’m thinking how could it be possible that they weigh the sameπŸ€”. Then I realized an empty can and bottle might weigh the same, which makes way more sense! Sometimes it takes me a minute πŸ€ͺ
      Good analogy!

    • @A Broussard Sorry that I wasn’t more clear. The can and 2-liter were a visual of the size or space taken up by muscle vs fat. Thanks

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