January 23

Dealing with CRAVINGS when you want to lose weight


Your cravings aren't an indicator of who you are as a human being. More tips and more when you download the 5-0 method at pahlabfitness.com


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    • @New gan gan There is a video about this; she is not doing workout videos this year. (I think because she is on a book tour.) There are approximately 1000 workouts on her channel for us to do.

    • I have the same sweater in blue. Love that color too.
      Missing your workout videos. I wonder how many people listen to the reels. Good Luck. 🍀

    • Working at things little by little helps. I’m finding it easier to resist junk more often as I eat the right amount of calories for me, get the right amount of sleep, and have started trying to drink enough water. Hang in there! You can do it! Start small.

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