January 3

Day 1 Easy 10 minute Walking Workout | Seniors, beginners


Jumpstart your 2023 New Year Resolutions with this easy 10 minute walking workout – Day 1 of our 7 Day Get Stronger in 10 Minutes Challenge! It will burn calories, get your heart rate up, improve your coordination and balance, and increase your endurance. Plus you’ll get about 1200 steps in, more or less depending on your pace. This workout can be done in a chair or standing.

This workout has 5 exercises each done twice in 30 second intervals. Go at your own pace and increase when you feel stronger.

00:00 Introduction
01:28 Warm Up
03:42 Exercise Round 1
07:58 Exercise Round 2
11:54 Cooldown

150 minutes of moderate cardio work and 2 strength training sessions a week are recommended for optimal health. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about hitting these numbers right now. It’s most important that you do any amount of movement and build up from there. We know you can do it and are here to help you!

This 7 Day Get Stronger Challenge is one of our many beginner and senior workouts at home, including last year's 2022 New Year Challenge (the sweepstakes is over, but you're still a winner by getting healthier and stronger!):

✅ 2022 7-Day New Year Challenge:
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✅ 30-Day Intermediate Workout Plan:
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See you on Day 2 of Get Stronger in 10 Minutes Challenge!

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