November 1

Burnt Out at 30 to Best at 40 | At-home Wellness Revolution


Who didn’t adopt at-home wellness habits or realize the need for them during the pandemic? It became obvious that your health care is your business.

The bio for my guest is not going to sound like that of other guests. In fact, if you’re new you may wonder if this is the right podcast, the one about fitness and health for women in menopause.

And that would be a yes.

And I encourage you to stick with me. Jon is you. He’s your husband or partner. He’s your employee or your boss or brother. His story isn’t unusual and for those who aren’t tuned in yet to functional medicine and health, lifestyle medicine, or self-directed lab tests, this story is still a daily occurence.

Jon didn’t just solve his own problem, he came up with a solution for others, too.

P.S. If you OR men you love are dealing with this high-performance world but getting low energy as a result, this episode is one to share. For physical support, check out the FREE Men's Body Fix too for joint-by-joint movement and fitness without injury.

My Guest:

Jon Carder is a serial entrepreneur. He built four start-ups over the last 23 years, including successful 3 exits. Jon has raised ~$100M in venture capital and hired hundreds of employees.

That entrepreneurial lifestyle eventually took its toll and he started having challenges with low energy, brain fog, and trouble sleeping. These problems prevented Jon from consistently showing up as his best self. After talking to friends, he realized that these issues were actually pretty common.

Jon learned that through lab work he could identify the root cause of some of the problems and improve them, but that wasn’t going to happen with his conventional doctor. After a lot of searching he eventually found a functional medicine doctor, who was able to identify, through expensive blood work, that Jon had nutrient deficiencies and high toxin levels.

So, Jon adjusted his supplements, nutrition and lifestyle accordingly. And, within a month, he was feeling the best he had felt in years. This inspired Jon to start Vessel and use new technology to empower people to track and improve their wellness from home.

Questions we answer in this podcast:

What were some of the challenges you faced when trying to get to the root of inconsistent energy? Mercury testing… it’s not normal .. what prompted you to test for that? What did you do for detox? What was your process? How has your health journey affected your work? Why do you think so many people struggle with energy and focus in spite of an abundance of information? Are there 1 or 2 habits that have helped you increase your energy most? Connect with Jon:


On Social:





Detox Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

QuickSilver Glutathione & Activated Charcoal:

My Favorite SAUNA:

Makeover your skincare with clean non-toxic products from my favorite:

Notes for your at-home wellness: During my mold detox I took Glutathione and activated Charcoal daily for about 5 months. During my bout with the c-virus I included the activated charcoal for a couple weeks and keep it on hand regularly & travel with it for gut issues.

Lunges not working for you? This short tutorial about HOW-to do, or to ditch them and what to do instead may help! It's Free and 7 short videos get right to what you need to hear in minutes.


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