May 23

Blood Sugar vs. Dark Chocolate: I Ran the Tests. Which Chocolate is Best?


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I ate chocolate for breakfast for the past four days to see how different levels of cacao and different sweeteners used in dark chocolate would affect my blood sugar. Dark chocolate does have health value, but at what level of dark (%) does that value start? And at what point do the added ingredients tip the scale from healthy to unhealthy?

These are big questions, and while we might not be able to answer them fully, this video chips away a big chunk by looking at the blood sugar impact of four types of chocolate. Join me to see what my continuous glucose monitor from Levels showed as the best and worst dark chocolate.

1st Round of Testing (Popcorn, Almonds, Eggs):

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  • Previously, you had used Lindt chocolate in your videos. It doesn’t use high fructose corn syrup. Does Levels require you to use Ghirhardeli?

  • I’m so excited to see, if it can be clarified where the calorie difference comes from! Love your content!!😀

  • Good to know that calories are not rigid – Love this test and will continue with portion-controlled occasional chocolate treats of 85% (other brand) Thank you Dr. Becky! Love your videos!

  • thanks for a great analysis — I think I’d choose the 86% because you recovered faster from the rise even though it was 6 higher than the 92%. I’m learning from levels that the trend line is very important not just the numbers… so I watch how fast I rise AND how quickly I recover. Of course I would need to test myself for both since my response is likely different 🙂

  • I love 92% dark chocolate by Girardelli…you can buy it in individually wrapped squares. It has a natural, subtle sweetness, but I love it because I know when I eat them that I am getting a great dose of good things! Hope you have a great week Dr. Becky!😊

  • I’ve been doing keto/carnivore for years, but the craving for a couple of squares of dark chocolate after most meals never went away. My favorite is the 72% fair trade, organic, Belgian dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s.

  • I love these videos where you test different foods to compare sugar and/or ketones! I just found your channel and have been binge watching these types of videos! I also love the calm way you teach and you do a great job of including the realities of sugar/ food addiction. I have joined your Freedom program and look forward to seeing what it does.
    My husband and I ate plant based low fat for 2 years to try to reverse chol and artery plaque build up. This did help but was hard to make lifetime eating. I don’t think was healthy without healthy fats. The first night we ate your recipe chicken Alfredo with rice I was scared to death we would have a heart attack while sleeping! The thing that draws me to this eating is the reality of my sugar and binge eating which never went away, though it was better with the Plant based low fat eating.
    We will see! I’m hopeful and anxious to see what cravings and blood tests reveal!

  • I use Our Finest brand from Walmart Canada. (90% and 85% Swiss Dark Chocolates bar). I smash the bar and put the tiny bits into (unflavoured) Greek yogurt, berries, chia seeds, cinnamon and coconut flakes.

  • The important thing for me as a food addict is buying individually wrapped Ghirardelli chocolates. I will take one piece and enjoy it with a dab of peanut butter. I can’t buy the chocolate bars because I will not limit myself to one square, especially since the squares rarely break up evenly on the lines in the bar. I generally purchase either 86% or 92% cacao, depending on which is available at my markets.

    On another note, Dr. Becky, I am very concerned about whether my passion for flavored coffee is hindering my weight loss more than if I were to brew coffee with non-flavored grounds. The flavored coffees, such as French Vanilla and Caramel Creme, are artificially flavored. HELP!

  • Well I am happy… My choice for Chocolate is the 92. I’ve been using that one, just because I like it and it’s usually available in my local stores. Glad to know it’s not doing too much damage to my Health!

  • Recently I’ve been hearing about high levels of the heavy metals; lead and/or cadmium in dark chocolate. I am glad you tested Ghirardelli, as their 86% and 72% have been tested and fall in to lower/acceptable levels. Consumer Reports, NPR and NYTimes have published about this issue.

  • Very interesting. Thanks for doing this, but I have to leave this at the store because I will eat more than 200 calories worth.

  • Could the bad result from the 100% Cacao test be the result of a cortisol spike because of the stress of trying to get the chocolate down?

  • Hmmm…’some people’ (cough, cough) will do anything to eat chocolate for breakfast! 😋Just kidding! Thanks, Dr. Becky for all that you do! 😇

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