February 8

Are you LAZY?


Working out the RIGHT AMOUNT (like we do with The 5-0 Method) is how to lose weight. Download the 5-0 Method today: www.getyourgoal.com


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  • I am not lazy anymore 😮I exercise 4-6 days a week now for my health and mind also do mot want to gain back my weight I lost 78 pds have to be careful

  • ‘Lazy’ is a term that is so misused. It is just an interoceptive feeling constructed by your brain. Those feelings are pleasure or displeasure, idleness or activation, fatigue or energy. Scientists call these feelings ‘affect’ or ‘mood’. The causes of these feelings could totally be internal.

  • I’d literally run myself down with too much running, Zumba, etc. before finding Pahla. Moderate is my new jam and I don’t miss the rat race! It’s so nice to have and instructor like Pahla who’s not screaming to PUSH! 😉

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