March 24

Am I FINISHED losing weight?


You get to decide! You can get to any weight you want, any time you want, call it your goal weight and be done (and finished, lol)! It's your body, and you have all the power.


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  • Well put! When I lost the weight the first time I was in weight watchers and I was trying to hard to get where they were recommending. But what they wanted was just not a good weight for ME. (backed up by my doctor).

  • Good point, yes it’s very tempting to stop when you’re hovering at the top end of that ” healthy weight” on the BMI. The trouble is, it’s so soul destroying if you then put a few lbs back on. Now I’ve finally achieved it, I want to be in the middle of my healthy weight range, to give myself a “cushion” to absorb the occasional take away or coffee and cake with friends. This isn’t vanity, it’s to keep my D2 in remission, work on my fitness, and get the NHS off my back with their continual pressure to take Statins! I’m using your exercise videos, they are brilliant!

    • I think she has over 1,000 on YouTube! I just finished the 65 video series from last year, and tomorrow will start it over again. 🙂

  • I only realised this a couple of years ago, I found yoga which physically challenged me, but helped me mentally. I am happy with my weight, thus has taken me years to accept this

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