October 19

8-Minute Standing Flat Abs Workout | Denise Austin


Let's work our abs!! Join me for a fast 8-minute abdominal workout that will help flatten your tummy and strengthen your whole core without having to lay on the floor! Learn more:

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  • Denise, I had the pleasure of meeting you back in 1996 when I was pregnant with my son. You were at a Target in Maryland. I bought your pregnancy workout video. You truly are the best. Btw girl, you still look the same. Love your videos and love you. 💕💕💕

  • Yay! She’s back! I exercised to Denise videos all throughout the 1990s! Love the way she’s rocking YouTube so many years later!


  • I absolutley love your workouts and this especially this standing ab workout which doesn’t put a strain on the back. Love your tennis shoes I have a pair of workout pant that aqua color and would like to know what brand are they? Are they in your line?

  • I have been doing standing Pilates with Denise for ages! We are all growing old together but gracefully and healthily! Thank you Denise!

  • I enjoyed this workout! I was thinking how amazing you look Denise and when I looked up your age I see that your birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday Denise!!! PS I did your videos back in 2005 every day when FIT TV was on.

  • I’ve been doing this 2x/week for about 2 months and i just realized what a difference! i feel so much lighter emotionally too. ty Denise, love you forever!

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