February 7

7 Airplane Exercises for Long Flights | Travel tips


Traveling is fun! It’s exciting to take a long flight to experience a new place or visit loved ones. These 7 airplane exercises for long flights will increase blood circulation and release tension while you travel. These travel tips can also help prevent DVT or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) that can be caused by sitting too long on a plane. Here’s a bonus: these flight exercises to prevent DVT can also be done on road trips in a car, long train rides, or as a short warm up for a yes2next workout!

The CDC recommends moving around during flights of 4 hours or more:

Safe travels and keep moving! ✈️ ❤️

00:00 Introduction
01:29 Toe and Heel Raises
02:29 Foot Circles
03:25 Gentle Marching
04:03 Bend & Straighten Legs
05:22 Curl Your Toes!
05:49 Head Tilts
06:23 Head Turns or Half Circles
07:29 Shoulder Rolls

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  • This is timely for me, because I just booked a train trip heading to Halifax, NS (home) for early April, to visit my mom. The train is a long haul (the better part of two days) and involves a transfer at one point, so these stretches will help! 🙂 (I booked a sleeper cabin for the Montreal-Halifax, then Halifax-Montreal part, though! LOL.)

  • This is wonderful…I have a 9 hour drive to Michigan for a Camping trip at the Dunes in June! I have CVI and wear compression, I was so worried about the long drive and my legs! Thank you❤

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