October 19

5 Exercises Seniors Should Do Everyday


Whether it’s wanting to maintain or improve your muscle strength, or wanting to improve your balance and mobility, we’re going to show you 5 exercises we believe seniors should do every day.

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  • Excellent. I’m 87 and appreciate the demo. I have a spinal stenosis and considered to old for the surgery that
    is required! ( have had 2 spinal fusions in the past) The consequence of my current problem means I have difficulty walking unless using a Walker for support. I know I will not be able to recover my original posture
    but really really appreciate your demonstration and hope your video will continue to be shown. Thank You. J

  • Home bound exercises for all ages.
    Ten ten for your
    Soothing voice,
    Beautiful flow of presentation,
    The style,
    The space,
    The time,
    The purpose of each move,
    The accompanying words on screen,
    Your attire,
    Your sensitive soul.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Be well.

  • I think these are great exercises.
    I believe any type of exercise is helpful for Seniors. Staying active and excising is the key to building strength and keeps the muscle from deteriorating. Thank you for sharing. Look forward to more exercises.
    I will be using these exercises daily.
    Bless you for taking time for other ppl. 🙏

  • Thanks very much for these. Undergoing some PT, still unable to visit the local gym until finished with PT. These exercises will help until the gym is possible again. Subscribed.

  • Where have you been, finally someone that focus on us seniors(60y/o), I’m glad you take into consideration pain & joint issues. Thank you so much.

    • I really glad I seen this ony email…breathing is a problem for me. Lung illness. I’m in treatment. Just found out it’s not COPD but Asma and allergy’s and aging. I’m 74. They made me quite working and I love to work

    • I’m impressed with your exercises O was hoping to start a group Silver Sneakers class here but I don’t know CPR.and that is one requirement. The closest silver sneakers is at Plant Fitness 20.miles away. But I’m going to start these exercises to help build strength

  • Hi Andi, your workout is great and I can do most of the exercises except raising my heels. I have difficulty raising my heels even with the help of a chair. Can you suggest some exercise to improve on this weakness, thx

  • I walk 4 miles everyday with an80 pound Boxer Or today shuvaled 13 .6 inches of snow off the drive and sidewalk. These are good extercises .

  • I have spinal stenosis and it’s hard to lean forward, so I just lean just a little bit and then do the exercise (it’s a lot of pain for me). Thank you so much for the exercises you’re right the first one with the wrist and the ankle was fun!

    • I used to have spinal stenosis due to a hernia between L4 and L5. Now I am completely recovered and workout in the gym 3 x week…btw, I am 65…got rid of the hernia and stenosis without surgery…

    • @Lenette Bishop stenosis due to spondylistesis in l4-l5 that caused the hernia….spondy with 2 specific exercises and then a procedure called discolisis, which is a shot of ozone directly to the center of the herniated disc which causes an oxidation of the disc…from the size of a grape to that of a raisin…i recovered my sports life again…performed aprox 4 years ago an am still exercising…if wanted more info, just write to me

  • Between having back issues and co*id lockdowns these past two years and thus being physically inactive; cannot believe as a 75 year old senior how I lost so much muscle mass. It’s almost like a self-destruct switch was turned on! That being said; will be browsing your other videos and start on an exercise regime with hope of repair. With much appreciation!

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