February 11



Manage your mindset, prioritize your sleep schedule, adjust your workouts so they stay fun, and pay attention to your body's signals.


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  • 17 days ago, I started doing your 2022 workouts (finished Day 17 this morning!). I cannot express enough how grateful I am for these workouts! What I especially love is that I don’t need to be in any particular mood to do them. Meaning that if motivation isn’t there because I’m having a low energy day or feeling down, I can still do these workouts every day, regardless of my mood. This, to me, is HUGE because I have always been a slave to my moods and motivation levels. To be able to do something every single day and not have to rely on a particular standard of motivation for me is true freedom! So THANK YOU Pahla for providing this consistency for me in my life. 😂🙏❤️❤️

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