March 7

30 Minute Beginner Friendly Fat Burning HIIT Workout | 3500 steps


This 30 Minute Beginner Friendly Fat Burning HIIT Workout is a faster-paced intermediate level workout that will burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health, and build strength. Spoiler alert: Mom starts out with us and then listens to her body and rests. She joins us in the cooldown after a dewy break! This 30 minute full body workout for seniors and beginners is about 3500 steps, more or less depending on your pace.

This beginner high intensity interval training workout (HIIT) features 3 sets of 3 exercises — each set is a pyramid with the following format:
20 secs – Exercise 1
30 secs – Exercise 2
40 secs – Exercise 3
50 secs – Exercises 1,2,3
40 secs – Exercise 1
30 secs – Exercise 2
20 secs – Exercise 3

There are two 1:30 minute active rest periods where we’ll build upper body strength training (after Sets 1 and 2), followed by a Cooldown.

00:00 Introduction
01:34 Warm Up
03:53 Exercise Set 1
12:39 Strength Break 1
14:27 Exercise Set 2
21:59 Strength Break 2
23:15 Exercise Set 3
31:29 Cooldown

If you need more cooldown time to bring your heart rate down, do our Cooldown video:

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  • Good morning ☀️
    I love exercising with you and your mom!!
    I want to say thank you for always reminding us to BREATHE – it’s amazing how often I catch myself holding my breath the exact moment you say it.
    I wonder why that is … 😅

  • Wow, it’s even challenging for me, I really admire Mom Aiko for her endurance!, Both April and Mom are inspiring ❤️

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