May 22

30 Minute Barre Workout for Beginners & Seniors // Osteoporosis Friendly Exercises


You will enjoy this full body barre workout that's appropriate for everyone including seniors and beginners. I choreographed this routine to be good for those with osteoporosis so there are no movements that involve bending or twisting of the spine. The entire workout is also performed in a standing position so there is no floor work. A complete warm up and stretching cool down is also included in this video.
Barre is a wonderful workout to work on lengthening and sculpting your muscles while improving your posture as well. No dance experience is required.
You will feel great after completing these exercises!

The only equipment you will need is a chair to serve as your barre as well as a light set of hand weights. I'm using two 3 pound dumbbells in this video.

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  • i’m not yet a senior but as someone with inflammatory conditions, i use your workouts to stay fit while keeping inflammation low. thank you for your great variety and consistency.

  • Thank you Lauren. I always feel so good after one of your workouts- longer, leaner, and stronger and always achievable. Always a win win.

  • The barre workouts are my favorite! I’m in my fifties and I find the gentle stretching and strengthening feels so good! Thank you Lauren 💕💕

  • Could not think of a better way to start my day but with a Lauren tone and stretch video with music that calmed and made this all delightful, thank you, Lauren, you have done it again

  • You are a gem. This was challenging, but i kept at it. You have a gift of encouraging one to carry on till the last stretch. Keep the magic going, and we can be screen friends for life.❤

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