May 16

20 Minute Gentle Workout for Seniors | Beginner Workout At Home


This 20 Minute Gentle Workout for Seniors will improve your heart health and endurance. It is in a 20-20-20 format with 20 exercise rounds, each 20 seconds each and 20 seconds of rest between rounds! Thank you Julie for the suggestion to make this beginner workout no equipment and no jumping! 20 second rounds are my mom’s favorite!

This beginner workout at home is 1500 steps more or less depending on your pace. It features two sets of 5 exercises with no jumping each done twice. Want to challenge yourself? Do it as a beginner HIIT workout and ramp up the tempo and intensity during the exercise rounds.

Exercise Set 1
Side Step with Chicken Arms
Step Out / Opposite Arm Pull
Step Out and Knee Up
Step Back with Arm Throw
Step Forward with Arm Pushes Forward and Side

Exercise Set 2
Side Step / Arms Up
Side Step / Arms Low Low High High
Mini Squat /Arms Forward and Overhead
Double Stomp / Press Down Hands
1-2-3 Step and Kick

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  • As always a wonderful workout. Your mum is a testament to your workouts she looks wonderful. Thank you for all you do and making these workouts doable. Your instructions are clear and keeps us safe. Thank you πŸ™

  • Love these 20 minutes workouts. Time commitment is easily met, and it can be done more than once if time permits. Also my grandkids like to join in since these are short.

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