November 3

10 Minute Standing Abs & Balance Workout for Seniors & Beginners


Have a chair ready for this great 10 minute workout that works your core while including balance exercises. This is a great video to add on to a cardio or strength workout or to activate your core muscles for the day. I think you will love these new and unique moves!
All exercises are done in a standing position so this video is perfect for those not comfortable getting down on the floor, or just to work the core in a different way!
As always, please go at your own pace and remember to keep your belly button pulled in towards your spine. You want to make sure that you are activating the abdominals and not using your lower back. Proper core strength will actually help in preventing back pain.

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  • Love these 10 minute workouts! Could we have a 10 minute inner thigh workout (focusing just on the inner thighs) at some point? Would be so grateful. The 10m leg workout is brilliant!

    • so glad you like it! I usually incorporate a lot of inner thigh in my barre and pilates videos. I’ll add your idea of of a 10 min thigh video to my list!

    • I’ll add it to my list Nadia! I do have some short barre videos for you to check out as well. I think there are 3 that are under 20 min. Also, the 10 min legs that I posted yesterday is basically a barre routine!

    • Glad you like them Mags! I agree they are perfect to put together for a custom workout! Stretch coming tomorrow 🙂

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