April 11

10 Minute Gentle Indoor Walk for Seniors and Beginners


This 10 minute gentle indoor walk for seniors and beginners will help improve your cardiovascular health by getting your heart rate up, increase your endurance, and build strength in your legs, glutes, core and upper body. These exercises for seniors over 50 and beginners can be done as a chair workout. It’s about 1200 steps, more or less depending on your pace.

This walking workout at home has two sets of three exercises each done twice in 30 second intervals. Go at your own pace and increase when you feel stronger. Want more challenge, add light weights!

00:00 Introduction
00:36 Warm Up
02:01 Exercise Round 1
07:14 Exercise Round 2
11:55 Cooldown

150 minutes of moderate cardio work and 2 strength training sessions a week are recommended for optimal health. If you’re just starting out, don’t worry about hitting these numbers right now. It’s most important that you do any amount of movement and build up from there. We know you can do it and are here to help you!

Songs by TELL YOUR STORY music by ikson™

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  • Just viewed this one and will be doing it in combo with others to increase my exercise time. OR, I’ll do this as a warm up before I go for a walk today. Haven’t made up my mind, but either way, this is a really good, easy to execute, routine. Thanks for another addition to your impressive, every growing library. I’m so grateful for your innovativeness and hard work to help up be healthier. Best of luck on your marathon–very impressive practice! Thanks as always…Anastasia

  • When I saw your video come up on my phone I decided to give it a try. I had such a bad fall on Christmas and this is the first workout in a chair, this time, to be able to get some proper exercise. I am so grateful for you guys! Looks like I am starting from beginner but it’s okay. Really appreciate you both. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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