November 8

10 Minute Core for Tight Low Back & Hips | Women Over 50


10 Minute Core for Tight Low Back & Hips Women Over 50 Tight hips and low back can often worsen with the wrong core exercise. Surprised? Too often the fast answer is… core! Stronger abs! if you have low back pain. And that's only half of it. And the way first and most often used to strengthen abs contributes to more stress to lower back and or hips.

So rather than tighten and tighten what is already bothering you because it's tight, we opt for mobility. It may not feel like your traditional core exercise. It's smarter.
It may not give you a "burn." It's smarter.

The trick to good core is knowing what you need today. Just right now, is all that matters.

In this video, pelvic tilts for gentle core muscle work and then we turn over and do cat cow back from yoga. You'll be doing forward flexion Without crunches or sit ups.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Set it up for Pelvic Tilts
04:51 Tip on range of motion
06:31 Cat Cow back on all fours


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