November 16

10 Minute Core “Chair” Favorites | Women Over 50


10 Minute Core “Chair” Favorites | Women Over 50 This video uses the Core "Chair" or Captain's chair or I prefer, Queen's Chair. They're found in gyms, often with a BOSU back, but available for sturdy home use at about $150. (mine is from Kohl's – no association with them, simply sharing).

You'll learn how to use this to stabilize your core and challenge your upper body strength simultaneously.
Here's what you'll find in this one:
00:00 Introduction
02:28 Setting up correctly
03:33 Beginning with knee ups
04:27 Bilateral (both) knee lifts
06:50 Introduce straight leg lift


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  • This was one of my favorite pieces of equipment at the gym! Leg lifts . I looked online for a set up like this over covid. I also like the straps you put upper arms in and hang and do the leg crunches. Takes a little more effort. Love that you’re sharing and teaching with ten minutes videos. ❤️

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