November 1

10 Minute Core Bridge: Better Than a Plank | Women Over 50


10 Minute Core Better Than a Plank Women Over 50 In this 30 day core challenge I'll share a new core exercise every day. These are targeted at supporting menopause women with belly fat. Tip: core exercise doesn't work on belly fat but it can create a stronger core that helps you do more exercise that will help to burn visceral belly fat that can be an issue for midlife women.
Learn who should and who shouldn't, how to make core exercise easier and how to make core exercise harder when you're ready.
In this video you'll see the Bridge
holding the bridge
"walking" bridge
and a long lever bridge

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00:00 Introduction
01:27 How to position
03:09 What "is" really core
04:43 How many or how long to do bridges
07:22 Add a movement challenge


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  • You never mentioned who should not do these exercises. I have a weak lower back. I need to strengthen my core. Will this harm my lower back. I am out of shape and 57 years old.

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