November 6

10 Minute Core Better Planks Beginner to Advanced | Women Over 50


10 Minute Core Better Planks Beginner to Advanced
This core challenge video (day 5 of 30) reviews the ever-popular plank.
In this video I cover:
How to start, progress, correct, and the difference between long holds and short repeats.
Abdominal exercises, or core exercises are a love-hate relationship for many.
What will and won't they do?
They will:
create a strong core making other activities easier
reduce injury risk
They won't:
take care of belly bloat
reduce fat around the waist or middle

Visceral belly fat (deep fat around organs) is dangerous and a health threat. Learn how to use nutrition, lifestyle habits, and exercise to reduce that. There is plenty of science showing what DOES work for post menopausal and other midlife women. But following research based on men or young women won't help.

Muffin top is a cortisol + insulin issue. You want to reduce stress, improve glucose levels with proper nutrition, exercise and habit timing.

Want more?

00:00 Introduction
01:28 Beginner
03:43 Progress: Knees
04:59 Progress: Toe Repeats
06:53 Progress: Add Movement
10:43 Progress: Straight Arm (optional)

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  • Hello
    This was so illustrative! Thank you
    I find it challenging when it comes to using my arms during planks for some reason! I’m assuming either weak core or not well used to it
    I see I can doing but I’m struggling
    I do have an old lower back injury but I’m excersising daily
    I’m 66
    Any advice as I do work my upper body but I don’t see that much muscles apparently

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