October 30

10 minute at home Core Exercise | Women Over 50


10 minute at home Core Exercise | Women Over 50Stay Tuned for the November 22 core challenge… it's more than a challenge, its education. Seeing this later? Great! All the videos will already be here for you in a playlist of A Core Exercise a Day Challenge.

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Every day I'll share one exercise. I'll discuss and dissect:
how to make it easier to start
how to make it harder to progress
who should or shouldn't do it
how to modify for wrists, shoulders or low back depending on the exercise
the muscles it's focusing on
the benefits to daily activities of life.

Each of these will go into a playlist.
I'll reserve a special play list for specific muscles/exercises and for specific needs

Every individual is unique. Just because you have osteoporosis doesn't mean you can't do specific exercises. At this time there are no contraindicated exercises blanketing osteoporosis.
If you are frail, have already had a fracture, you want to approach your exercise very differently, than someone wanting to prevent fracture and strengthen bones who is apparently healthy with no history of fracture.

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  • Hey there! I really enjoy your channel, you are truly an inspiration! I am 67….retired (and tired) RN!!! Anyway, I have always tried to keep myself fit…after colon surgery in 15, and a severe hip injury in 18, things are going to pot~!!! I am 5’2″ and about 140, this for me is about 20 lbs more than I would like to be. The fat really is accumulating around the middle of course. I am really trying to get back into exercise and eating good. Do you feel the exercises change your body??? I mean we always hear about spot reducing not being possible without a good diet…I know both are important and go hand in hand…thoughts?? thanks so much!!!

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