May 26

10 min TINA TURNER Tribute Walking Workout | The best songs of Tina Turner


This short 10 minute Tina Turner tribute workout is created for any Tina Turner fan. I chose the best songs of Tina Turner that had a good beat for a walking workout. The pace will vary during the workout due to the variety of songs. You can pick up or slow the pace down to suit what works for you. After the 10 minutes, we'll spend a few minutes stretching before finishing with some quotes by Tina Turner.

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00:00 Intro
00:03 Workout
10:00 Stretching
13:15 Quotes by Tina Turner

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  • This took me back to my new-mum aerobics classes in the 80’s! I have always loved Tina’s music, and this is a lovely tribute to her. Well done, Jules, thank you for the memories 😊

  • Thank you so much for creating this. Along with Tina’s inspiring life quotes, she was singing to you Jules: 

  • Thank you kindly for this lovely tribute to the one and only Tina…had the priviledge in seeing her live in 2008 in TO ,; if I only had 10% of her energy…with your help I can get pretty close Jules.😉

    • It must have been wonderful seeing her perform in person. She definitely had a lot of energy when she performed!

  • What a wonderful tribute, Jules. I grew up listening to Tina Turner’s music, always enjoyed her vibrancy. Thank you for this.

  • Bravo! Great Love to you for this workout and the use of music of a great singer who mesmerized so many with her energy. That’s all I can say. ❤

  • You melted my heart by posting this. My heart cried yesterday when I saw she was gone too. I will be using this in the morning before Day 5 of your 5 Day 15 minute strength series. Thank you Jules. 🥰☮️🦋

  • What a nice tribute to a woman who was an early roll model in standing up against domestic abuse, and who got us on our feet singing and dancing both when we were young and as we grew older. Thank you, Tina. And thank you, Jules.

  • That was lovely. Thank you Jules! Was so nice to enjoy some of her music this evening while getting in a few more steps.

  • If only we had half the energy that Tina did! I will always remember her for getting out of her abusive relationship, which in those days was still kept quiet. She made it big on her own. Poetic justice. Thanks Jules for bringing back memories of a great lady. You’re pretty great yourself!

  • Thank you for this tribute. Tina was one of a kind. I went to obe of her concerts and was blown away. Such talent. I will be doing this workour weekly.

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