April 24

10 Exercises for Balance and Fall Prevention // Full Follow Along Workout


Please join me for this important video to have better balance. I will not only tell you the best balance exercises to do, but I will also walk you through the entire workout. These exercises were specifically designed to strengthen the supporting muscle groups that all play an important role in balance.
You will need a chair or countertop as your base of support for this workout.

Please go at your own pace and be mindful on your posture throughout this video. Remember to engage your core by activated your abdominal muscles, this will really help to maintain your balance. Remember to breath as well! We tend to hold our breath when concentrating on our movements.
Most of all, don't give up or become discouraged. I encourage you to do this video frequently. It takes time and practice to increase your balance and work on your stability. Be patient with yourself, and keep up the good work.

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  • Thankyou great class I need a lot of help with my balance since having a brain haemorrhage this was great love all your classes 🙋❤️

  • Wow, this is great! Balance exercises are a 3 times a week must for me following my knee issues, and being 60 plus, so important! And 10 minutes is perfect! Thank you Lauren xx

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