November 5, 2017

You’ve heard of spin classes before, chances being that maybe you’ve even tried it out once. However, spin class may actually be superior to other forms of cardiovascular exercise, because it possesses distinct advantages over other popular exercise types.

Painful knee or ankle joints?

If you hit the road or the treadmill, you will receive no favors. Don’t want to drop back behind the entire crowd? Then spinning is exactly what you need. If you’re still not convinced as to what spinning can do for your body, please read on.

It provides An Exceptional Cardio Workout

Do you get winded easily, yet find it hard to improve your endurance? Spin class is just what the doctor ordered. The key to improving your cardiovascular efficiency and performance is to ensure that your muscles are being supplied with oxygen and nutrients to allow continuous contraction and energy generation.

If your heart and lungs can’t keep up with the demands of your muscles, lactic acid levels build up rapidly, bringing about a painful end to your workout.

However, slowly over time, your endurance and stamina increase, as it becomes mandatory for the efficiency of your heart and lungs to improve. Spinning class allows you to gradually progress without suffering from burnout the first day.

It Is Low Impact On The Joints

Over time, the force generated from running, jogging or using certain types of elliptical trainers is transmitted to joints and can damage the delicate cartilage found in them. Inflammation ensues, and each subsequent workout becomes more and more painful.

Spin classes actually strengthen the integrity of joints, by stimulating collagen synthesis, synovial fluid production, and ligament and tendon strength. As a result, you are less likely to become injured if you incorporate weight based workouts into your plan (and you should).

Improve Mood And Well Being

We all need a good dose of R&R, and isn’t it wonderful that it can come in the form of a good old spin class? Yes, even though spin classes are technically workouts, 9 out of 10 people asked attest that such a class is highly enjoyable and leaves them feeling better after than they did before, boosting claims that exercise is a great stress buster and mood booster.

Spin classes are typically high energy, performed to high tempo dance or electronic music, which gets your heart pumping and keeps you motivated through the session and as we know, mental wellbeing is just as important as physical health.

Builds Powerful Leg Muscles

Have you ever seen the legs on some of the world’s top cycling or sprint athletes? They are absolutely massive, striated and lean, and capable of generating immense force.

But did it get this way by chance? Nope. It was from practice, and spin cycles.

After your first few spin sessions, regardless of the intensity you performed, your legs will feel like jelly; that’s an unavoidable fact. However, that is a good thing.

It signifies that there was significant recruitment of muscle fibers in the leg muscles, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, with together make up the largest muscles in your body.

The best way to achieve these massive leg muscles is with intermittent high intensity training, which forces the recruitment of all types of muscle fibers.

Shred Fat

Though fat loss may be one of your primary motivations for starting spin class, it usually is a little delayed, but when it comes- it is an all out flurry of fat balsting! The primary tenet behind fat/weight loss is a caloric deficit; that is you use more calories than you intake.

This sounds simple enough in theory, except that if you push too much too soon, you will lose lots of muscle mass, and risk injury.

That’s why it’s good to start spin class at your own pace, and build up as you go. This way, you build more muscle, which in turn further accelerates the caloric burn you experience from a session.


Spin class can be a perfect option for people of all walks of life, whether you’re young or old, under or overweight. It’s worth its weight in gold just for improving your wellbeing, but the various other ways it can transform your body is much more than icing on the cake!