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What is carb cycling?

The world of fitness has what seems to be a never-ending list of ways to get in shape. There are hundreds of workout routines, and diets that are all attempting to become the dominant force through large scale marketing and advertising strategies, but is there a more natural way to get in good shape without […]

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Diet Pills: Friends or Foes?

Diet Pills: Friends Or Foes? It’s important to state that there are times when a doctor will prescribe diet pills for certain patients; typically, this is done on a temporary basis and is highly regulated with a short term goal in sight. But for many people diet pills are not a solution and may actually […]

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WELCOME from Ben & Jess

We are the husband and wife duo that make up the REKOL GROUP WELLNESS TEAM.Jess (former Registered Nurse for 12 years) has seen the reality of obesity through the eyes of her patient’s and the impact it can have on their emotional and physical well being.That’s why it’s our MISSION…​To provide a growing community of […]

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